IMG_6775Timberado is a new Colorado company that creates a modern version of the Peace Pipe.

My idea and passion for the Peace Pipe came from a pipe I found hidden in the attic of my house in 1966. I have kept it close all these years.

About four years ago, I started imagining how fun it would be to offer many different pipes made from Mother Nature’s best. The most beautiful wood, stone and gems from all over the world combined with pewter, gold and silver, offers endless wonderful design options.

Realizing the health concerns, I had to design the pipe with internal glass. The final design has glass-tubing, minimal parts, is very simple, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and can be customized. This design allows the beautiful part of the pipe to stay clean. The pipe retains it’s very elegant appearance while having an invisible high-tech lining of glass.

We look forward to offering many great products with the best customer service.


Timberado Peace Pipes

Timberado creates handmade and custom Peace Pipes.  The Timberado Peace Pipe is created using the most beautiful wood, stone and gems from all over the world combined with pewter, gold and silver.  Our workshop is located in Aspen, Colorado.

While our elegant peace pipes are art worthy of hanging on your wall, they are also usable and smokeable!   Each pipe has an invisible high-tech glass lining and comes with a glass bowl.  This makes them easy to clean and protects your lungs from inappropriate chemicals.

Please email us for a quote on building your custom pipe. We offer many kinds of wood, stone, metal and gems.

THESE PIPES ARE INTENDED FOR TOBACCO USE. When purchasing tobacco-related products, you are responsible for being in accordance with all local & state laws.

Timberado, Inc
121 Grove Court
Aspen, Colorado 81611
(970) 319-9700